Hororo people


Hororo / Bahororo

The Hororo or Bahororo are a Bantu ethnicity who live mainly in the north of the Kigezi District of south western Uganda. In 1905, they were described by a British officer as a "quiet, inoffensive people" who owned cattle. They are made up mostly of the Hima (historically the land owners as one could only own land if they had cattle). The Bahororo are more associated with Kigezi than Ankole. They reside mainly in Rujumbura in south western Uganda and are related to the Banyankole, Banyoro, Bakiga, Batooro, Songora and Tutsi peoples respectively. Rujumbura's last king was Karegyesa son of Makobore of the Bashambo ruling clan. Most Bahororo can trace their roots to the Buyumba region. The Bahororo speak a dialect of Nkore-Kiga, Ruhororo, and are subdivided into clans most of which are common to both the Nkole and Kiga nations.