Yansi people



The Yansi people live about 300 miles east of Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  The Ethnologue describes the location of the Yansi people as follows:  Bandundu Province, Bulungu Territory, Loange River area.

CPPI reports a population of 285,379 in 1999.  The Ethnologue reports a population of 100,000 in 1997.  Joshua Project reports the population as 131,000.


The Yansi language was listed as Yans in earlier editions of the Ethnologue.  Yansi is a Bantu language related to Ding and Mbuun.  Ethnologue also reports that 75% of the speakers have routine proficiency in Kituba (ktu).


Political Situation:
The Yansi people's lifestyle has been greatly disrupted by the series of Civil Wars in DRC.  This disruption has limited various aspects of their stability and progress.  Difficulty of access limits the information available to assess their current situation.


For the Yansi (and other peoples of DRC) ashes are the symbol of blessing and of liberation from the grip of sorcerers.  The publisher's Web article "The ritual symbolics of ashes (Congo)" reports the information on ceremonial use of ashes among the Yansi.