Pila / Pila Pila / Yowa / Yao

The Pila Pila (Yowa, Yao) are a Voltaic people in the Bariba cluster of northern Benin. They can also be found scattered in the Eastern and Asante Regions of Ghana.

Pila People

The Pila Pila cali themselves the Yao or Yowa

The Pila of Benin are numbering 469,000 (Peoplegroups.org, 2023) most of whom live south of Natitingou in Atakora Province.

This people group is only found in Benin

Their primary language is Yom, closely related to the More language spoken by the Mossi people in Burkina-Faso.

The primary religion practiced by the Pila is Sunni Islam, the largest branch of Islam. Sunni Muslims follow the teachings of the Qur'an and consider the first four caliphs to be the rightful successors of Muhammad.