Ntomba people


Ntomba / Ntombe

The Ntomba (Ntombe) people live south of the Middle Zaire River, along the Maringa River, in Democratic Republic of Congo. They are fishermen and farmers raising cassava, bananas, and kola nuts.

They are part of the Bantu, Central-Congo people cluster within the Sub-Saharan African affinity bloc. This people group is only found in Democratic Republic of Congo and there are 348.000 Ntomba living in Democratic Republic of Congo.

The Ntombas speak "Ntomba" a variation of Mongo* language, which is part of the larger Bantu linguistic family.

Ntomba is a subgroup of Mongo people.

Ntomba map

This area (around Lake Tumba) is inhabited for two groups living together in the same villages and under a caste system:

Both groups (Ntomba and Batwa pygmies) have a close relationship under a caste system, maintaining an economical and cultural interchange that generates some dependency.

Nowadays, most Batwa pygmies live around Lac Tumba in sedentary villages but some still preserve the semi-nomadic life in semi-permanent campsites in the equatorial forest.