Nguendelengo people


Ngendelengo / Cuendelengo / Kwendelengo / N'Guendelengo / Olungendelengo / Ovangendelengo

Population & Ecosystem

1.000 Ngendelengo live in the forested mountains of Serra da Chela.

Economy & Society

Semi-nomadic cattle pastoralists, hunter, gatherers and subsistence agriculturalists. Living in a forested environment has allowed them to develop a rudimentary charcoal business. Nguendelengo produce important quantities of vegetable charcoal that they sell beside the roads that cross their territory.

Culture & Religion

Nguendelengo speak Herero language strongly influenced by neighbouring Nyaneka.

Nguendelengo people typically wear little clothing (similar to Mucubal tribe), carry machetes or spears, and are renowned for their endurance, sometimes running 80 km in a day. What is unique about Nguendelengo culture is the way women decorate their hairs with ‘geisha-style’ buns and also their two-storey granary-homes. Nguendelengo live in isolated mountain areas and have been little affected by Portuguese colonization and missionary activity, therefore they still practice their African religion related to bull worshiping.