Argobba people


Kombe / Combe / Ndowe / Ngumbi

Kombe people are an African ethnic group, members of the Bantu group, who are indigenous to Equatorial Guinea. They are native speakers of the Kombe language.

At the beginning of the twentieth century some of the women intermarried with the Benga people on the Isle of Corisco.

From 1964 to 1969 they were located in Punta Mbonda (North of Bata). They later settled in Cameroon, south of Bata, and south of Rio Benito. They are sometimes referred to as Ndowe or "Playeros" (beach people in Spanish), one of several peoples on the Rio Muni coast

Kombe people map

The Kombe people live primarily on the coast of Equatorial Guinea along an 80 km stretch, from the city of Bata in the north to the city of Mbini in the south. They are peaceful fishers and hunter-gatherers. Historically, the Kombe are one of the 18 Ndowe tribal groups. Ndowe means: we united. They all live along the coast of EG and also along the coasts of Cameroon and Gabon.

Their language is one of at least 16 Bantu languages in the Bongwe cluster. Possibly as a result of the prominence of the Kombe in favorable relationship with colonial powers, the name Kombe is often used in modern times to group up to ten of the less prominent Ndowe people groups. The language shift among these groups seems to be towards a more united Kombe language. ( Names of these groups are: Asonga, Bomudi, Yandye, Moganda, Bole, Ndama, Mooma, Bobenda, Mapanga, and Kombe.

As a result of the Spanish colonization, the large majority of the Kombe are nominally Roman Catholic. But few have personally accepted the Gospel.