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Kapsiki / Kamwe

Kapsiki / Kamwe

Kapsiki (Ka-Tsepkye) is a people living on both sides of the border between North Cameroon and Northeast Nieria. They are called Kapsiki in Cameroon, and Kamwe (Higi) in Nigeria. Together they amount to about 132,000 people. Their language, Psekiye or Kamwe, consists of eleven dialects including Nkafa, Sina, Ghye, Humsi, Dakwa and Tilli and belongs to the Chadic language family.

The mountain region has a kaleidoscope of local cultures. The Kapsiki live in villages of 2000-6000 people, and subsist on livestock farming, agriculture and - in the village of Rumsiki in particular - on tourism.

The Malima Project has been helping Kapsiki populations in Cameroon with educational projects aimed at primary schooling. The Malima Project has created a documentary and organized events to promote its educational activities in the area.

Their primary language is Psikye. The primary religion practiced by the Kapsiki is Islam, a monotheistic religion built around the teachings of the Qur'an and of the prophet Muhammad.