Kango / Batchua / Mbuti-Sua

The Kango (Bakango), also known as the Batchua and Mbuti-Sua, are an Mbuti pygmy people of the Ituri forest.

The Ituri Rainforest is a rainforest located in the Ituri Province of northeastern Democratic Republic of the Congo formerly called Zaire. The forest's name derives from the nearby Ituri River which flows through the rainforest, connecting firstly to the Aruwimi River and finally into the Congo.

They speak a Bantu language, Bila, apparently in two dialects, northern Sua and southern Kango.

Kango area

Pygmies map

They are in a patron–vassal relationship with several Bantu-speaking peoples, the Bila, Budu, Ndaka, Bombo, Liko, and Baali; two Sudanic peoples, the Lese and Luumbi, and the Ubangian Mayogo.

They may be the Wochua people described in the 19th century.



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