Hawadle people


Hawadle / Xawaadle

The Hawadle or Xawaadle are a Somali clan who traces its descent from Mayle Samaale, one of the sons of Samaale clan. The Hawadle, as well as many other Somali clans like the Dir, trace themselves from Samaale.



The Hawadle primarily live in Hiran, and Middle Shabelle as well as the capital Banadir city region, Mogadishu. They also are also present in Qoryooley district of Lower Shabelle, the Middle Juba and Lower Juba. The Hawadle also used to inhabit Gedo. They also inhabit the Somali region of Ethiopia and the North East Province of Kenya. They can also be found in the expatriate communities of the Somali diaspora.