Mucuis people


Mucuis / Cuis / Cwisi

Population & Ecosystem

There are 600 Mucuis living in the dry river beads and rocks between Virei town and Curoca Oasis. (Angola)

Economy & Society

In the old times (before European colonization) Mucuis people practiced seashore-fishing. Today they combine hunting gathering activities with animal husbandry (goats) in Virei region.

Culture & Religion

Mucuis speak Herero language similar to Mucubal.

The culture and physical appearance of some of the Mucuis people seem to be a remnant of a pre-Bantu indigenous population. Culturally they have been strongly influenced by the Mucubal tribe, and speak the Mucubal dialect of Herero. The last speakers of Mucuis passed away in 1960s.

Physically speaking they are similar to other former hunter-gatherer groups, such as Pre-Bantu Kwadi and Tjimba.