Cuepe people


Cuepe / Kwepe / Kwadi / Bakoroka / Cuanhoca / Curoca / Koroka / Makoroko / Mucoroca

Population & Ecosystem

There are 250 Cuepe living around Curoca desert oasis. (Angola)

Economy & Society

Cuepe used to be hunters and gatherers living along the Atlantic Coast and the desert rivers. Like the Mucuis they were mainly fishermen, on the lower reaches of the Curoca River. With the arrival of European settlers, Cuepe moved to more remote areas inside the desert. Today they combine some symbolic hunting with gathering, subsistence agriculture, and goat riering.

Culture & Religion

Cuepe speak Herero language similar to Mucubal.

Cuepe people call themselves Kwadi. They appear to have been a remnant population of southwestern African hunter-gatherers. The last speakers of Cuepe language passed away in 2018. Cuepe culture is highly influenced by dominant Mucubal culture. Despite this assimilation process and the penetration of Christianity in the community there is a strong sense of identity. Cuepe still practice traditional medicine that is related to the old African religion (Animistic). Cuepe fabricate dolls and are in an interesting process of cultural revival, decidedly supported by Last Places.