Assa / Asa

Assa / Asa

The Assa are an ethnic group based on the Maasai Steppe in Manyara Region, Tanzania.

The population of the Assa people seems to be lower than it once was because an eastern branch merged with the more numerous Maasai people in the Manyara Region. Their population is only 700.

The Assa once spoke the Aasáx language, ambiguously called "Dorobo", which probably belonged to the Afro-Asiatic language family.

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Residents of the Manyara Region where Assa people live, are mostly farmers. Mining of Tanzanite gems, and tourism are also occupations in their part of Tanzania.



Assa people are 95 percent animistic, meaning that they look to the spirit world. Witchcraft is widespread among them. They have not been influenced by relative religious freedom existing in Tanzania.