The Adyumba or Adjumba are a Bantu ethnic group in Gabon. They live mainly near Lake Azingo and in the Middle Ogooué River in the west coast of the country.

They belong to the Myènè people and also speak the Myènè language of the Bantu languages. Their neighbors include the Mpongwe people (who they were historically considered a clan of) and the Nkomi people.

Today, most Adyum­bas are fishermen, small farmers, or local merchants.

Historically, the Adyumbas were a clan of the Mpongwe people. who were skilled canoemen and made their living off of the Ogooué River. Two centuries ago, they lived on the banks of Nazareth Bay at the mouth of the Ogooué River. but conflict with the Ombéké people drove them toward the west where they live today.