Tupuri people



The Tupuri are an ethnic group in Cameroon and Chad.

The Tuburi of Chad are numbering 177,000. They are part of the Adamawa-Ubangi people cluster within the Sub-Saharan African affinity bloc.

Globally, this group totals 490,000 in 2 countries. Tpuri are Kirdi people.

Their primary language is Tupuri.

The primary religion practiced by the Tuburi is animism, a religious worldview that natural physical entities--including animals, plants, and even inanimate objects--possess a spiritual essence.

In Cameroon, the Tupuri live east of Kaélé in the Kaele division and in the Kar-Hay subdivision of the Mayo-Danay division of the Far North Province. In Chad, Tupuri live near Fianga, Fianga Subprefecture, Mayo-Kebbi Prefecture in the southwest of the country.

The Tupuri are known for a dance called the gourna, "the dance of the cock", which involves the dancers forming a circle and holding long sticks.