Mamvu / Tengo

The Mamvu are a major ethnic group in D.R. Congo and Mozambique.

There are scattered Mamvus living in Uganda and Sudan. Most D.R. Congo Mamvus live in Haut-Zaire between Isiro and the border with Sudan and Uganda. The Mamvu of D.R. Congo (Kinshasa) are numbering 159,000 (, 2023)

The Mamvus in Mozambique live in the lower Zambezi River Valley.

Mamvu People

Their primary language is Mamvu, a Sudanic language which they call "Tengo". It is related to Lese and Mangbetu. They use Bangala to talk to outsiders.

The primary religion practiced by the Mamvu is ethnoreligion. Ethnoreligion is deeply rooted in a people's ethnic identity and conversion essentially equates to cultural assimilation.


Economy and Homestead

The Mamvu are subsistence farmers, who live on a diet of rice, plantain, manioc, and millet. There are also coffee plantations and gold mines in the area. Many of the miners and plantation workers however, have come from outside. In some places the Mamvu are a minority in their own traditional area. Most Mamvu reside in small villages and homesteads. Their shelters are made of mud-wattle walls with thatched roof.