Cicipu / Cipu / Acipa

Population & Ecosystem

20.000 Cicipu live in the rocky hills and forested plains north of Rijau in Niger State in northwest Nigeria.

The people call themselves Acipu, and are called Acipawa in Hausa.


Economy & Society

The Cicipu are mainly farmers and hunters. They farm guinea corn and millet. Cicipu women produce clay pottery for home consumption.

Cicipu society is governed by a king and a council of elders, all residing in original village on top of Korisino Mountain.

Culture & Religion

Cicipu women used to pierce their lips and insert a wooden stick or straw. Today only the older generation show the wholes on their lips. Scarification has also lost importance due to social, cultural and economic changes in Cicipu society. Rites of passage continue to have a strong impact in Cicipu society and boys and girls dress in colourful attires made of goat skin and decorated with coloured beads. In religious terms Cicipu people continue to worship the old gods despite an increasing numbers of Christian converts.


Source: Joan Riera - Anthropologist (