Bua people


Bua / Niellim

Population & Ecosystem

23.000 Bua live in the forested plains and hills north of Sarh (Southern Chad) along the Chari River.


Economy & Society

The Bua are farmers and herders. The Bua travel a lot with their cattle, sheep and other animals. Bua people living near Chari River also fish.

Bua people map
Culture & Religion

Bua people scarified their faces with vertical marks in both chicks. The tradition started to fade in the 1960s with the arrival of missionaries and forced schooling. This information was gathered by Last Places team in 2017 in Karma village, near Chari River. In the religious aspect the Bua were forced into becoming Muslims at the beginning of 20th Century though most still follow the original African religion. The Bua living near roads or in bigger towns have converted into Christianity or follow Folk Islam.


Source: Joan Riera - Anthropologist (LastPlaces.com)