There are various ethnic groups in Senegal:

Wolof, (43.3%). The Lebou people of Cap-Vert and Petite Côte are considered a subgroup of the Wolof (less than 1%).

The Fula (23.8%)

The Serer (14.7%) who includes the Saafi, Ndut, Laalaa, Niominka, Palor, etc. The Jola (5%).

Other groups are the Bainuk, Balanta, Manjack, Mankanya, Karoninka, and the Bandial.

Several small ethnic groups related to the Mandinka (4%) includes the Malinké, Sossé, Bambara, Dyula, Yalunka and the Jakhanke.

Other minorities are The Soninke (0.5%), Bassari and Bedick

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